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Eagle Claw Crappie Jig

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Image of Eagle Claw Crappie Jig


  • 6 per retail.
  • CRAPPIE JIG 1/16 oz. BLACK.


Customer Reviews

By Don Schwirtlich on February 21, 2016
These are the lures - that if you had nothing else and you were on a deserted island - that you should have. The best in my 64 years of fishing are the white tail and black body, but the yellowtail and black body are good as well. I have hooked everything from the small bluegill, and crappie, to a 3-foot tarpon in a brackish south texas river that surprised 10 years of life out of me.
By JJ on January 20, 2016
Size: 1/8-OunceColor: White Verified Purchase
Produces many crappie and perch. 
3 days in row 20 crappie each!
(No bait!) shhh
ByLauraon March 2, 2016
Catching great trout with every color! Love them!

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