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2 Arm Crappie Fishing Leader - 10 Packs

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Image of 2 Arm Crappie Fishing Leader - 10 Packs

10 Arms Stainless Steel Fishing Rigs Fishing Tackle With Swivel Snap.


  • Stainless Steel.
  • Wire Leader.
  • 2 Arms Rigs.


Customer Reviews

By Crappie Killer on January 19, 2016
Verified Purchase
Man the look great and it say's medium to heavy heck the snap swivels I normally use are # 5 and these on these rigs are huge I mean a 1/0 crappie will look like a baby hooked on it I'm going to go to braided line now and never lose a jig or hook these things are all steel cables so light wire hooks will straighten right out or should on the monster's think but these beat all the other's that are made with mono line and a barrel swivel and twist and tangle these won't do that the closest thing out there are made by master crappie but these will beat them hands down at a 1/3 of the cost the only hold back is shipping as I said 32 days is what it took so get you plenty to start. I will order again now without even using them because it took 32 days to get them.Just got my second order this one only to 30 days but I'm set now with 20 rig's and right in time to start using them.
Verified Purchase
2 arm crappie fishing leaders are vert strong and easy to use for all occasions. Thanks for a well-made fishing leader.
By Dennis christy on August 11, 2015
great product and an even better deal. compared to the other retailers the price can't be beaten and the leaders hold up well and don't tangle.

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